Case Study

The Challenge:

The Challenge

The Royal College of Physicians support their fellows and members during every stage of their career, which contributes to improving the quality of patient care. Our client also takes a wide role in public health and focusses its activities on campaigning for change, advising government and Parliament and taking part in national debates on medical, clinical and public health issues.

As part of this our client wanted us to create a research panel of members to support membership engagement and better inform their organisations policy.

The Solution

Research by Design designed a quantitative research study to focus on two key areas; panel management and survey design, administration and reporting. Firstly, members of the organisation were invited to join a panel. For those who signed up, this was followed by quarterly panel surveys where members were given the opportunity to feed into issues relating to policy, medical debates and various public issues. The first panel survey achieved an outstanding 80% response rate.

The Outcome

Members of the organisation were given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions around various aspects of patient care allowing them to feel they have an impact on the organisations direction and that their responses are heard and valued. Repeat participation from respondents throughout the different panel surveys represented a high level of member loyalty.

The findings from each of the panel surveys enabled our client to be more aware of the challenges faced by physicians, better inform the organisations decisions and increase member engagement.

Testimonial from Laura Fleming, Head of Membership Engagement:

“RBD has invested a great deal of time and energy in understanding our research needs and ensuring that the surveys we send are both strategic and meet our overarching objectives and requirements. The reports they send are clear and the team do a good job at pulling out the important recommendations.

RBD are also very flexible about coming up to London to meet with us in person, both as we start a project, during, and then at the point of project delivery. We talk through the findings in a very open, honest and relaxed way, and discuss how best to apply these recommendation going forward.

RBD also do a good job at applying the learning from one survey when working on other projects, so that the benefits of working and developing an honest relationship with them is really evident.”

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