The impact of our work in the membership sector is far-reaching. Together with our clients we are helping to shape the future.

Current focus

RbD is partnering with Memcom and IOSH to deliver the highly anticipated State of the Sector survey. Membership leaders – look out for the link to contribute to the survey coming into your inbox soon! This comprehensive survey, conducted in collaboration with industry experts and thought leaders, gives the sector vital insight into trends and developments. Please add your views to build on the rich insights we are gathering.

The headline results will be discussed at the upcoming Memcom Spring Conference, however all survey participants will be given access to the full set of results, including specific statistics on external threats and opportunities and organisational trends such as staff turnover, pay increases, membership retention, NPS, etc.

Research by Design’s Managing Partner, Ruth Bolle says: “We are proud to be partnering with Memcom and IOSH to deliver the vital ‘State of the Sector’ survey, informing you on the latest trends, igniting meaningful conversations, and providing a solid foundation to move the sector forward as a collective rather than as individual, often siloed organisations. We know the membership landscape is changing, and RbD is keen to lead from the front at this point of inflection.”

Our research is part of the conversation

  • RbD has worked with the RCN to inform its pay agenda since 2020. Research conducted by RbD informed the RCN’s ‘Fair Pay for Nursing’ campaign, seeking a 12.5% pay rise for its members.
  • RbD conducted a ground-breaking survey with RCPsych, revealing the experience of LGBTQ+ psychiatrists in the workplace. This led to RCPsych asking all mental health service providers in the UK to sign up to the RCPsych commitments on promoting an LGBTQ+ friendly workplace.
  • RbD carried out depth interviews and wrote up case studies for the Chartered Management Institute’s impactful ‘The Everyone Economy’ report.
  • RbD partnered with WellWise and CIOB to explore wellbeing in the construction industry.
  • The IET is committed to reflecting and representing the diversity of the engineering community. As part of this, it runs a yearly EDI Survey amongst colleagues, conducted by RbD. The findings of the research inform the IET’s annual ‘A year in review’ reports.

RbD is an approved supplier of both the MemberWise and Memcom networks. Catch us at the upcoming Memcom Spring conference on 25th April.


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